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Recover your lost keys or wallet

Quickly and Conveniently.

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Our “Lost Wallet” card and “Lost Keys” tag each have a unique ID number.
Attach the key tag to your keys and put the card in your wallet. When someone finds your lost item, they are instructed to contact iLost.

We immediately notify you by email and text with the finder’s phone number.
More than 95% of iLost protected keys are returned to their owner!

iLost’s fully automated service is the fastest way to get your valuables back to you.
The idea of dropping a set of keys in the mailbox was fine 40 years ago, but you need your keys back today, not in 6 weeks!

How It Works

iLost is based on the kindness of strangers. It is a proven fact that if you give someone an easy way to return your lost keys, they will! More than 95% of the time. iLost is that easy way.

We provide you with a lost wallet card and a lost key tag that contain a unique ID number. Simply activate your card and tag and relax.

Should you lose your wallet or keys:

  • 🔑

    Keys are found

  • Finder reads the iLost tag and contacts iLost

  • iLost sends a text & email to the owner with the finder’s phone number

  • Set up a safe return

What happens when you use the iLost tag?

When someone finds your tagged item, they simply text the code listed on the iLost tag to the number on the tag. Or they can report it online. The owner will immediately be notified via email and text and they can contact the finder to arrange the item’s return.

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