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Where can I use iLost?

iLost will work anywhere there is text messaging and email/internet available.

How does iLost work?

You activate the unique iLost code on their tag and attach it to an item you own, like your car keys. If that item is lost and someone finds it, they text the code listed on the iLost tag to the number on the tag. You are contacted immediately via text message and email and can then contact the finder to arrange the item’s return.

Do I have to activate my iLost tag?

Yes. You need to activate your iLost tag or it will not work. Activation takes less than one minute!

What do I do if I’ve found something?

Follow the instructions on the tag to send a text message or complete the form online here. The owner will be contacted immediately and will be able to contact you back.

Does each tag need to be registered?

You will need to register each unique serial code. However, the wallet card and key tag that come together have the same code, so you will only need to register the one number for that set.

Can different iLost codes be linked to the same cell and email address?

Yes! You can have as many iLost tags (codes) as you wish so that your all your items are protected.

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