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How To Order Custom Branded Cards & Tags

iLost wallet cards and key tags are a great way to promote your company. Each tag will feature your business logo and message.

Give the gift of security and convenience to your clients. By providing them with an iLost tag branded to your company, you can put your Brand and Logo on their belongings. Your customers will appreciate the comfort knowing that if things get lost, there’s an easy and reliable way to get them back.

iLost’s most popular product is our combined “Lost Wallet” card plus “Lost Keys” tag. Imagine your customers seeing your brand every time they pull out their keys, and every time they access their wallet. Plus you are supplying them with peace of mind that no other promotional item can provide. And make sure that all of your employees have them on their keys!

To order iLost cards and tags with your company logo on them, contact us today!

What do you need to do?

iLost will create tags that feature your business logo and message on one side, with easy to follow instructions for finders on the other. Simply give these iLost cards and tags to your clients and they put your logo on their items!

What do your clients or employees need to do?

When you give new iLost tags to your clients or employees, they can quickly and easily activate their tags online at a link customized for your business. They’ll enter their unique iLost ID code, email address, and cell number, and then be directed to your website.

What happens when they lose their things?

When someone finds your clients’ tagged items, the finder simply texts the ID number listed on the tag to the iLost phone number. Or they can report it online at Report A Found Item. The owner will immediately be notified via both email and text and they can contact the finder to arrange the item’s return.

Card+Tag combo:
1,000 sets @ $2.75 per set
5,000 sets @ $2.40 per set
10,000 sets @ $2.25 per set
20,000 sets @ $2.10 per set
100,000 sets @ $2.04 per set
*plus $250 one-time set up fee; waived on re-orders

*Custom Activation pages are also available (Example)

For a free sample, simply request a Free Recovery Tag

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